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Energy in collaboration

Food created
with humility,
care & passion.

Hai Hospitality is an award-winning restaurant group with a never-ending passion for food, service, design and experience. In 2003, Chef Tyson Cole opened his first restaurant, Uchi, in a modest red house located in Austin, Texas. Now with four concepts, we continue to learn and push to offer the best food and experience in the hospitality space.

We support each restaurant in a variety of capacities so that each one has the freedom to grow while still being part of the bigger family—a family that has a common set of core values, a shared vision for food, service, and design, and a collective pool of knowledge and expertise that we can bring to bear regardless of where we call home.

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We have a passion for

Defying your expectations.
Crafting culinary innovations.
Growing knowledgeable staff.
Building conscious spaces.

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The Hai name perfectly expresses our respect for the food, our guests, our culture, and the whole experience.
John Baydale
Owner / Operator

Built and cared for
by wonderful people

It is the talented people that makes Hai Hospitality an award-winning restaurant group. Our vibrant culture encourages collaboration, creativity, and authenticity.

Photo of Tyson - full color
Photo of Tyson
Tyson Cole
Owner and Co-Founder
James Beard Award-winning Chef
Jack Yoss
Vice President of Culinary
Photo of Kaz - full color
Kaz Edwards
Director of Culinary Operations of Uchi Restaurants
Photo of Ariana - full color
Ariana Quant
Executive Pastry Chef of Uchi Restaurants
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Photo of Mike
Mike Perez
Regional Chef of Loro Asian Smokehouse and Bar
Jason Kosmas
Beverage Director for Hai Hospitality

Leaders with a
shared mission

Everyone at Hai works tirelessly to create experiences that defy your expectations, even the folks you don’t see in the restaurants. Our leaders share the palpable passion and have the experience to keep pushing boundaries of the hospitality space.

Photo of Tony - full color
Photo of Tony
Tony Montero
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Brian - full color
Brian Morrow
Chief Financial Officer
Photo of John - full color
John Baydale
Owner / Operator
Photo of Amber - full color
Amber Quist
Chief Brand Officer
Photo of Todd - full color
Photo of Todd
Todd Reppert
Chief Development Officer
Photo of Leo - full color
Leo Barrera
Director of Operations
Photo of Gregory - full color
Photo of Gregory
Gregory Shepard
Chief People Officer